Attack On Titan: 10 Dead Deals Annie Was The Female Titan All Along (2023)

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Attack on Titan is full of plot twists, but not all of them catch fans off guard.

Attack On Titan: 10 Dead Deals Annie Was The Female Titan All Along (1)

After Eren survives the Battle For Trost district by discovering his Titan-swapping ability, it's clear that fans will have to reconsider their original assumptions about Titans. If Eren managed to retain his intelligence while becoming a titan, couldn't others do the same?


Hefemale titan revealin the second half of the first season ofAoTproved that Eren wasn't the only smart Titan. The moment when the Female Titan appeared on screen also gave savvy viewers a chance to flex their fan-theory muscles, guessing at the human intelligence behind the Female Titan. Here are ten dead freebies that showedAnnie was the female titan all along.


10 Annie stays out of class 104 cadets

Attack On Titan: 10 Dead Deals Annie Was The Female Titan All Along (2)

The Battle For Trost district arc introduces the Titan Shifters idea toattack on titanthrough Eren. After that, fans certainly started looking through the ranks of cadet class 104 for characters that resembled all the other titans who made an impact on screen.

Although Annie looks nothing like the Colossal Titan or the Armored Titan, she does look like the Laughing Titan when her hair is down. Also, Annie acts suspiciously distant from the rest of the 104 cadets when she is on screen. The only person he opens up to is Reiner, Bertholdt, and Eren.

9 Erwin predicted the female Titan's attack, suggesting that whoever controlled it came from within the walls.

Attack On Titan: 10 Dead Deals Annie Was The Female Titan All Along (3)

When it is finally revealed that the entire purpose of the 57th Expedition Beyond the Walls is to set a trap for the female Titan, it becomes clear that Erwin not only predicted, but planned an attack by another sentient Titan.


For Erwin to plan this attack, he had to assume that other sentient Titans existed within the walls and that they knew Eren was a member of the Scouts. With that in mind, fans may have started looking into the cast for suspicious blonde-haired characters.

8 The female titan was a master of the ODM team

Attack On Titan: 10 Dead Deals Annie Was The Female Titan All Along (4)

After scouts apprehended the Female Titan, Annie was forced to escape using the ODM equipment she had trained with as a member of the 104th Cadet Corps. When Annie takes off her disguise, Levi's elite squad is stillmistakes Annie for their leaderIf Levi's elite group was able to make that mistake, whoever was piloting the Female Titan must be amazing with the ODM gear.

The fact that the female titan was piloted by someone who dominates the ODM team helps narrow down potential culprits. The fact that Annie finished in the top five of the 104 cadet class only makes her look more suspicious.

7 The female titan looks and moves like Annie

Attack On Titan: 10 Dead Deals Annie Was The Female Titan All Along (5)

The biggest reveal that pointed fans towards Annie's connection to the Female Titans was the appearance of the new Titan. Eren's transformation proved that Titans can share physical attributes with the Titan shapeshifter behind them.

The female titan's short blonde hair is a dead giveaway and narrows the culprits down to Annie or Historia. Once the female titan prepares to fight Eren, the template is ready. Only one blond-haired scout was shown taking that position in battle, and it wasn't Historia.

6 Historia cleared her name by showing up to save Jean and Armin after the female titan attack

Attack On Titan: 10 Dead Deals Annie Was The Female Titan All Along (6)

The Female Titan is not intimidating simply because she has the power of a Titan. What makes this threat a real threat is the way it is able to intelligently read the battlefield.

After seeing the Female Titan's movements, fans were certainly tearing up the 104th Cadet Corps. accusing any blonde recruit of treason. The list of blonde recruits is smaller than fans might think. Armin, Story and Annie. If the female titan was a member of the 104, she had to be one of these three characters. Once Historia and Armin were eliminated, fans should have realized that the Female Titan was Annie.

5 The female titan recognized Armin and Reiner

Attack On Titan: 10 Dead Deals Annie Was The Female Titan All Along (7)

Another dead giveaway linking the Female Titan to Annie was the way the Smart Titan treated Armin and Reiner. As soon as the Female Titan removed Armin's green hood, it was clear that she recognized him.

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After recognizing Armin, Annie disables his ODM team, then tracks him and Reiner until she learns Eren's location.The female titan could have defeated Armin and Reiner.on several different occasions, but chose to show them mercy.

4 Reiner escaped a deadly trap that no one should have been able to escape.

Attack On Titan: 10 Dead Deals Annie Was The Female Titan All Along (8)

Fans may have been able to make the connection between Reiner and the Armored Titan before connecting Annie to the female Titan. After Eren's reveal led viewers to link the characters to the Titans, Reiner stood out as the best match for Armored.

Annie isn't close with many of the 104 members, but Reiner is one of the people she hangs out with. The way he escaped the Female Titan's clutches should have been impossible. It was actually impossible, which makes this moment a deadly revelation linking Annie to the Female Titan.

3 After reverting to her human form, the female titan is mistaken for Levi.

Attack On Titan: 10 Dead Deals Annie Was The Female Titan All Along (9)

When the scouts fail to capture Annie in their trap, they decide to retreat to the wall to keep Eren and everyone else out of harm's way. When this happens, members of Levi's elite squadron invite the female Titan into their ranks, assuming the hooded scout is actually Levi.

DespiteLevi's amazing skill as a fighter, is a notoriously small man. For the female titan to be confused with Levi, it would mean that the shifter titan behind the female titan must have roughly the same build as Levi. As it turns out, Annie and Levi have more in common than their stoic personalities.

2 The anime follows Annie with the military police just after the female titan attacks the scouts.

Attack On Titan: 10 Dead Deals Annie Was The Female Titan All Along (10)

Immediately after the return of the explorers from the 57th expedition outside the wall,attack on titanrefocuses on younger members of the military police. Hitch, Marlo and Annie are being prepped by their superior officer when Marlo notices that Annie is tired.

This comment was obviously intended to hint to the viewers of the fact that Annie was out while the rest of the new recruits slept. Switching to Annie's perspective immediately after the Female Titan's attack is the definition of a deadly revelation.

1 Annie wears a ring that activates her Titan ability.

Attack On Titan: 10 Dead Deals Annie Was The Female Titan All Along (11)

The final tip given to anime fans before Annie is revealed as the Female Titan is the reveal of a ring. As soon as Annie wore this Ring, she gave up her identity as a Female Titan. Eren's experiments with Hange revealed that Titan shapeshifters can activate their Titan abilities by inflicting pain on themselves. A ring that allows the wearer to harm themselves is a dead giveaway.

Who are theymanga readerswith access to the chapter "Lost Girls" know thatMikasa knew about Annie's ring.long before the 57th expedition of the explorer. Does it count as a dead gift if Mikasa couldn't even connect the dots?

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