InPixio Photo Studio 12 Review: Easy editing for beginners (2023)

In this InPixio Photo Studio 12 review, we are going to take a look at the latest iteration of this simple editing software. Version 12 brings some major changes and improvements, including a complete user interface redesign. It also includes improvements to several AI-enhanced tools.

InPixio Photo Studio 12 is designed for fast, accurate and smooth editing. It offers no advanced tools and virtually nothing in terms of file management. Other editing programs like ON1 Photo RAW 2022 and Lightroom Classic are better suited for these purposes. However, it offers AI tools and a minimalist interface that beginners and amateurs alike will appreciate.

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InPixio Photo Studio 12: overview

InPixio Photo Studio 12 Review: Easy editing for beginners (2)

Ideal for quick and easy editing

InPixio Photo Studio 12 offers great AI tools and is perfect for anyone who wants to edit photos quickly and with great results.


Minimalist revised user interface

Simple and easy-to-use AI tools

excellent performance

Comprehensive editing tools

(Video) InPixio: The Photo Editor for Those Who Don't Like Photo Editing

acceptable price


Some basic parameters are missing

The price is not clear and misleading

Photo Studio InPixio 12is a redesigned editing program that introduces some major changes; It has been transformed into a minimalist and modern package with a simple layout that is great for beginners.

The various editing tools have also been redesigned and improved. These include Delete Objects, Remove Background, Replace Sky, Merge Photos, and Auto AI. The tools are easy to use and you can quickly edit your photos without needing detailed knowledge of photo editing software.

InPixio Photo Studio 12 Review: Easy editing for beginners (3)

Like previous versions, the software has virtually no file management tools. As a result, it is purely a photo editor. If you are looking for a complete image editing and management tool, this is not the right choice.

InPixio Photo Studio 12: What's New?

InPixio Photo Studio 12 has some major updates. These include:

  • An improved smart tool for deleting objects
  • A revamped AI background removal tool
  • An improved Replace Sky tool.
  • One button for automatic Auto AI editing
  • A revamped user interface

Smart deletion of objects

One of the first features we tried out in this InPixio Photo Studio 12 review was the Delete Objects tool. This was available in version 11. However, it has been revised and improved. The interface has been completely changed. We like the changes; The tool is more elegant and modern.

The Exclude Objects tool is useful when you have unwanted objects in your photos, such as B. People or birds flying in the sky. Works like clone and repair tools in other software.

InPixio Photo Studio 12 Review: Easy editing for beginners (4)

You can select the automated AI tool or switch to a manual tool. The AI ​​tool is fast and produces decent final results. However, for greater control, the hand tool is preferable. You can select the part of the photo that you want to use to fill in the problem area.

Remove background AI

The Remove Background AI tool has also been reworked. It has a revamped user interface and the AI ​​technology seems to have been improved.

This tool is useful when you want to extract an object for other projects. For example, if you have a photo of a person but want to place it in a different environment, Remove Background AI will do the job. It's great for marketing material, and it's also a great way to have fun with your photos.

The tool is incredibly easy to use. Just upload your photo and the AI ​​technology will automatically remove the background. First it detects the background and the main subject. This can sometimes fail if the background is not clearly defined. Failing that, you can automatically create a background mask. However, in most cases it works fine.

The results are generally decent. We tested a few different photos. As you can see, the foreground background has been successfully removed. However, there are some gray artifacts around the subject's head and body that have not been properly removed.

InPixio Photo Studio 12 Review: Easy editing for beginners (5)
InPixio Photo Studio 12 Review: Easy editing for beginners (6)

The second photo looks much better. The background has been completely removed. We have a clearly defined outline of the raptor. The tool even did a good job on the springs!

replace the sky

we are fascinated bySky replacement tools; They can be used to completely transform landscape photos. The Replace Sky tool in InPixio Photo Studio 12 has been overhauled and improved.

It now has a wide range of preset skies, not to mention better underlying technology. We like the different sky categories, including blue, sunset, and storm. This allows you to drastically change the feel and atmosphere of your photos.

InPixio Photo Studio 12 Review: Easy editing for beginners (7)

The AI ​​masking is excellent - during our tests it always chose the sky correctly. And when you have a sky you like, you can do a little fine-tuning (for example, change the temperature and scale of the sky).

More importantly, you can change the foreground color tweak. This effectively changes the foreground to match the hue and color of the new sky.

The only downside is that the tool sometimes fails to match the foreground to the new sky. And you may need to adjust anti-aliasing, as the tool can cast a noticeable shadow on foreground objects.

edit AI photos

For quick photo enhancements, you can use the AI ​​Edit Photos tool. We expected more from it and found it a bit lackluster.

Does a good job, but doesn't solveWowfactor we expected. For example, in the image below, automatic AI is enabled. As you can see, there is an improvement over the unedited photo. However, the third photo is fully edited using the available InPixio editing tools, and this is exactly what we would expect from aAI tool for automatic editing.

InPixio Photo Studio 12 Review: Easy editing for beginners (8)
InPixio Photo Studio 12 Review: Easy editing for beginners (9)
InPixio Photo Studio 12 Review: Easy editing for beginners (10)

You can use the AI ​​Edit Photos tool as a good starting point, but depending on the photo, you may want to make additional edits.

(Video) inPixio Photo Studio 12 - Amazing photos in one click.

merge photo

The photo merge tool is incredibly fun. You can use this to add people and objects to different photos. The image below uses a predefined template with a cutout from another image. The snippet was created automatically; we didn't have to do anything.

InPixio Photo Studio 12 Review: Easy editing for beginners (11)

There is a limited selection of templates to choose from, including envelopes and cards. You can also add text, graphics and images to the resulting collage. The image below uses the same cut, but we've added some stylish sunglasses! We're not sure if they fit the bill, but you can certainly see the possibilities.

InPixio Photo Studio 12 Review: Easy editing for beginners (12)

This could be a useful tool for creating marketing media. However, for professional work, a dedicated platform like Canva is a better option.

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Revised user interface

InPixio Photo Studio 12 has a completely redesigned user interface. When you open the software, you will see a simple splash screen. This will provide quick links to InPixio's various editing tools.

After selecting an option, the main editing interface will open. That has completely changed. There is now a simple left toolbar with the main editing tools: Delete Objects, Replace Sky, Remove Background, Merge Photo and Edit Photo.

InPixio Photo Studio 12 Review: Easy editing for beginners (13)

The preview of your photo will appear in the center of the screen and on the left are the tools for the function you selected. We like this change; makes the program incredibly simple and easy to understand. InPixio Photo Studio 12 has a minimalist feel, making it great for beginners.

On the other hand, you lose the control and flexibility that other editing software like Lightroom and ON1 Photo RAW 2022 offer.

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InPixio Photo Studio 12: features and utility

For this InPixio Photo Studio 12 review, we have tested the various functions and tools. Most of the review focuses on new and improved features (see previous sections). However, we've also covered key aspects of the new program, including pricing and performance.


Editing software is often resource intensive and as such you need to consider the performance before purchasing it. We tested InPixio Photo Studio 12 on a desktop computer with 32 GB of DDR4 RAM, Intel Core i5 processor 12ºgen processor and two Samsung NVME SSDs.

Below, we take a look at the system requirements and overall performance of the software.

system requirements

  • Processor: Intel Core i3 or higher
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Disk Space: 2 GB free disk space
  • Screen resolution: 1024×768
  • Operating system: Windows 8 or higher, 64-bit

InPixio's system requirements are relatively low. ManyLaptops suitable for photo editingand desktop computers will easily meet these requirements. In fact, most laptops come with 16GB of RAM and an Intel Core i3 processor is relatively inexpensive.

InPixio Photo Studio 12 Review: Easy editing for beginners (14)

Even if you have a basic laptop or desktop computer, you shouldn't have any problems with InPixio Photo Studio 12.


As mentioned above, InPixio Photo Studio 12 does not require a computer in animal mode to run. It's not starving process. You shouldn't have any problems even if you are using a computer or laptop with the minimum system requirements.

The software itself loads quickly. Uploading photos is also a quick process with virtually no lag. The only delays you might experience are caused by some of the more intensive AI tools.

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photo editing for beginnersBest Photo Editing Software for Windows

For example, loading a photo into the Replace Sky tool may take a few seconds. However, this is understandable. The software should analyze the photo and create a mask of the sky. But once the original image is uploaded with its primary edit, there is no delay.

Using the basic editing tools is also a smooth process. By using the various sliders, effects are applied instantly without delay. Everything feels smooth, fast and easy.

Basic editing tools

If you don't want to use AI tools, InPixio Photo Studio 12 also has a basic editor. This gives you the essential tools you need to improve the basic quality of your photos. The following are the available tools and sliders:

  • automatic AI
  • harvest
  • Temperature
  • exhibition
  • in shade
  • highlights
  • Contrast
  • saturation
  • clarity
  • sharpness
  • noise reduction

This is a comprehensive set of tools, although some important sliders are missing, such as B. Hue and Hue. However, the editor's layout is incredibly easy to navigate and you have a great deal of control over how you edit your images.

InPixio Photo Studio 12 Review: Easy editing for beginners (15)

In terms of file support, InPixio Photo Studio 12 supports RAW files, including proprietary formats like CR3. You can also edit basic file formats like JPEG, PNG and BMP.

(Video) inPixio Review | Digital Photo Editing Software

For standard editing, InPixio Photo Studio 12 has everything you need. However, it lacks the control and flexibility of software like Capture One and Adobe Lightroom Classic.


In the main editor you can choose different view layouts. These include:

  • single vision
  • Vertical side-by-side view
  • vertical split view
  • side-by-side horizontal view
  • Horizontally split view

This is great if you want to compare your photos before and after editing. There is also a preview box in the top left corner. Here you can change the display percentage or adjust the images to the currently available screen size.

InPixio Photo Studio 12 Review: Easy editing for beginners (16)

The only downside is that you can't move photos or the split view slider, which can be incredibly frustrating. When using vertically split view, a slider is placed in the middle of the image and you cannot adjust it! This means you can only see the right half of the edited image and really limits the usefulness of the split view.

document management

File management is important when you have a large amount of photos. Ideally, you want software that allows you to easily organize, catalog, and filter your images.

Unfortunately, InPixio Photo Studio 12 offers almost no file management. You can open individual files and use the file bar at the bottom of the screen to browse your photo collections and select different photos.

InPixio Photo Studio 12 Review: Easy editing for beginners (17)

This is where the file management functions end. There are no advanced search tools, keyword management tools and ranking systems. If you want to manage your photos, you need to use some form ofphoto organizer softwarein addition to InPixio Photo Studio 12.

In short: if you want software that you can use for photo editing and management, there are better options.


InPixio Photo Studio 12 has a simple pricing structure; however, it is a bit misleading. On the pricing homepage, it appears that there is a single purchase price for Standard and Pro software.

InPixio Photo Studio 12 Review: Easy editing for beginners (18)

However, after selecting an option, you will be directed to the payment page. There are different conditions here and the software title is now "InPixio Photo Studio Pro - 1 Year".

The text just below shows that with the payment you accept the automatic renewal service. If you click on the "Learn more" link at the end of the text, a dialog window will open. It states that you will be automatically subscribed to the renewal service, but gives you the option to click "Do not renew my subscription automatically".

InPixio Photo Studio 12 Review: Easy editing for beginners (19)

We don't like these deceptive tactics. Developers take advantage of the fact that most people don't read the terms and don't click on the link. As a result, many people subscribe to the auto-renewal service without realizing it. Also, the pricing homepage doesn't make it clear that the price is just for one year of use.

InPixio Photo Studio 12 Review: Easy editing for beginners (20)

Prices are relatively cheap:

  • InPixio Photo Studio 12: US$ 49,99 por ano
  • InPixio Photo Studio 12 Pro: $59.99 per year

We definitely recommend the Pro version and it's only an extra $10. The additional features that the Pro version offers are very useful. We're not sure why InPixio keeps selling the standard version - no reason to buy it over the Pro version if you're seriousphoto editing.

The Pro version costs $4.99 per month. This is very cheap compared to other subscription services like Adobe Lightroom. However, the basic Adobe Lightroom subscription - for $9.99 per month - gets you two incredibly powerful editing programs (Lightroom and Photoshop).

InPixio Photo Studio 12 alternatives

InPixio is a good program, but it's far from the only editing software available. Other possible options include:

  • Luminar Neo
  • AI Luminar
  • Capture One Pro
  • ON1 Photo RAW 2022
  • Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic

InPixio Photo Studio 12 is comparable to software like Luminar Neo and Luminar AI in terms of complexity and features. Like Luminar Neo, it has a good range of AI-enhanced tools to make photo editing easier. If you're looking for a basic editor for hobby-level editing, InPixio Photo Studio 12 or one of these other programs might be a good option.

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However, compared to more complex editing software like ON1 Photo RAW 2022, Capture One Pro, and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, InPixio looks a bit weak. For example, it doesn't offer file management and some of the tools aren't that complex. If you want to professionally edit large amounts of photos, one of these programs is the best choice.

InPixio Photo Studio 12: Conclusion

Teste InPixio Photo Studio 12 im

InPixio Photo Studio 12 Review: Easy editing for beginners (21)

Name:Photo Studio InPixio 12

(Video) inPixio Photo Studio 12

Description:InPixio is a simple editing program for beginners. You can use it to delete and crop objects, create photo montages and enhance images. The editor is easy to use and in the pro version you can add filters and textures.

Price offer:49,99

Coin:American dollar

Operational system:Windows, Mac

Application category:Multimedia


  • Preis
  • ease of use
  • document management
  • Performance
  • automation


Teste InPixio Photo Studio 12 im

InPixio Photo Studio 12 Pro offers many powerful and improved tools. It allows users to edit photos quickly and effectively. The interface looks great, the program is accessible and easy to learn even with minimal editing experience.


  • great interface

  • Simple and easy-to-use AI tools

  • excellent performance

  • Comprehensive editing tools

  • acceptable price


  • Some basic editing options are missing

  • The price is not clear and misleading

We hope you found this InPixio Photo Studio 12 review helpful. Version 12 offers significant improvements over previous versions. It is clear that the software is aimed at beginners and hobbyists. The redesigned interface looks great and is suitable for those with little experience using editing software.

(Video) InPixio Photo Studio 11 Step By Step Intro Tutorial For Beginners | Inpixio Black Friday sale

So who would benefit from InPixio Photo Studio 12? Firstly, beginners who are just getting into photography and photo editing. The simple layout, AI tools and fun features are very beginner friendly. They provide a great starting point for anyone looking to dive into editing.

Secondly, InPixio Photo Studio 12 can be suitable for small businesses and those who want to use their photos for marketing purposes. With the various editing tools, you can improve the quality of your marketing images, and the AI ​​tools like background removal and photo merging can be used in creating online marketing content.

However, InPixio Photo Studio 12 is not suitable for professional work. The lack of file management features makes organizing a large collection of photos virtually impossible. The program also lacks the advanced editing tools most professionals need.


Is InPixio Photo Studio easy to use? ›

You are in for a treat if you are new to inPixio Photo Studio. This program is a smooth photo editing program that is intuitive to use. The designers thought about the features photographers need to make their photos pop. They have made these tools accessible and easy to use.

What is the easiest photo editor for beginners? ›

The list of the best photo editing software for beginners:
  • Luminar Neo.
  • Adobe Lightroom.
  • Snappa.
  • ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate.
  • Adobe Photoshop.
  • Corel PaintShop Pro.
  • Capture One.
  • DxO PhotoLab.

What is the easiest free photo editor for beginners? ›

  • Paint.NET.
  • Fotor.
  • InPixio Free Photo Editor.
  • BeFunky Free Online Photo Editor.
  • Photo Pos Pro.
  • PhotoScape X.
  • Pixlr X and Pixlr E.
  • Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 2020.

What photo editing software should a beginner use? ›

Adobe Photoshop Elements 2023 is the best easy photo editing software for beginners, designed to facilitate editing and create even small video projects. It provides access to the core functions, intuitive systematization, and step-by-step image post editing instructions.

Is InPixio as good as Photoshop? ›

Adobe Photoshop has 1823 reviews and a rating of 4.79 / 5 stars vs inPixio Photo Studio which has 90 reviews and a rating of 4.14 / 5 stars. Compare the similarities and differences between software options with real user reviews focused on features, ease of use, customer service, and value for money.

How much does InPixio 12 cost? ›

InPixio Photo Studio 12: $49.99 per year. InPixio Photo Studio 12 Pro: $59.99 per year.

How do I start beginner editing? ›

How to Edit Videos
  1. Choose the Right Software. The first step in improving your video editing process is to choose the right software for you and your work. ...
  2. Use a Fast Computer. ...
  3. Watch Video Editing Tutorials. ...
  4. Get the Project Files. ...
  5. Obey the 321 Rule. ...
  6. Edit for a Story. ...
  7. Maintain an Efficient Workflow. ...
  8. Utilize Keyboard Shortcuts.
Mar 16, 2021

Is there a free version of InPixio? ›

InPixio Free Editor

This free photo editor is derived from inPixio's flagship Photo Studio software. The free app doesn't contain all the advanced features available in the paid program. However, it offers some easy-to-use tools that can help you get started with image editing.

Do beginner photographers need Photoshop? ›

Photoshop is one of the most essential tools for photographers of all levels of ability. However, it can be pretty overwhelming when you first start using it. Photoshop is so crammed with buttons, sliders, and other assorted tools, that it's hard to know where to begin.

Which is the No 1 photo editing app for free? ›

YouCam Perfect app is the best free photo editing app out there for all users. This free app allows you to edit photos and make collages, among many other creative features. Photos can be edited on either iPhone or Android with a wide variety of effects, animations, frames, and much more.

What are the four basic skills that you need to learn in photo editing? ›

Here are four basic editing elements you need to make a photo look good.
  • Cropping. The cropping tool allows you to adjust the framing of your photo to alter its composition. ...
  • Color Correction (or Balance) ...
  • White Balance. ...
  • Sharpening.
May 31, 2022

What is the easiest editing style? ›

The humble hard cut, or standard cut, is easily one of the most commonly applied editing techniques in film and video. It involves a simple cut between 2 clips - either in the one scene/location or between scenes/locations.

What is the easiest way to edit photos? ›

How to edit photos like a professional:
  1. Create your style.
  2. Pick a photo editor.
  3. Shoot in raw.
  4. Try HDR photography.
  5. Remove chromatic aberration.
  6. Adjust white balance.
  7. Adjust contrast.
  8. Make colours pop.
Apr 17, 2022

What is the easiest alternative to Photoshop? ›

Top 10 Alternatives to Adobe Photoshop
  • GIMP.
  • Pixlr.
  • PicMonkey.
  • ACDSee.
  • Fotor Photo Editor.
  • Canva.
  • Capture One Pro.
  • Affinity Photo.

Is InPixio better than Lightroom? ›

When comparing quality of ongoing product support, reviewers felt that Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic is the preferred option. For feature updates and roadmaps, our reviewers preferred the direction of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic over InPixio Photo Editor Pro 8.

Is there anything like Photoshop but free? ›

  • GIMP. The GNU Image Manipulation Program, or GIMP, is one of the best-known free alternatives to Photoshop on the market. ...
  • Krita. Krita is another highly popular free alternative to Photoshop. ...
  • Paint.NET. Originally, Paint.NET was intended to be an enhanced version of the MS Paint tool. ...
  • Pixlr Editor. ...
  • Photo Pos Pro.
6 days ago

Is inPixio a one time purchase? ›

InPixio not for Serious Photo Editing

Very expensive, one time purchase, not the subscription, but it's unable to perform to their own advertising.

Does inPixio have watermark? ›

You won't be able to save your images without the inPixio watermark unless you purchase the license, but it is a good way to see if the software is right for your needs. Offers a simple and affordable solution to editing photos, with intelligent automatic effects.

Can you print photos from inPixio? ›

You can choose to print a single or multi-photo canvas, or even a collage arrangement. Sizes range from 8×10 to 30×40 inches, meaning you'll find something to fit your room.

How do I get into editing with no experience? ›

You can look online for internships or volunteer opportunities where you can gain editing experience. Don't forget to ask for testimonials. An online talent platform like Upwork is a great starting point to gain freelancing experience. You can start part time and build your portfolio while getting paid.

What are the five basic rules of editing? ›

Here is a list of 7 rules that will help you to revise and edit your work painlessly – or at least with the least amount of it.
  1. Make a good first impression. ...
  2. Write to express, not to impress. ...
  3. Be specific – it won't kill you. ...
  4. Reign over pesky punctuation and grim grammar. ...
  5. If in doubt, leave it out.

Is editing easy to learn? ›

Level of Difficulty, Prerequisites, & Cost

As with many creative skills, it isn't hard to learn the tools involved in video editing. Students can pick up the basic functions of Premiere Pro or Final Cut in only a few days of training, and the advanced techniques will only take a few weeks to learn.

Where can I learn photo editing for free? ›

Udemy offers many free courses and tutorials for learning Adobe Photoshop.
  • Photoshop CC: The Essentials of Photoshop In Just 2 Hours.
  • Photoshop Fundamentals.
  • Image Adjustments and Adjustment Layers in Photoshop.
  • Create Amazing Photoshop Projects and Learn Essentials.
  • Photoshop: Learn Digital Painting Basics in Photoshop.
Jul 28, 2009

How long does it take to learn how do you edit photos? ›

It usually takes around 2-3 months for a professional photographer to master Photoshop. However, the learning time is subjected to the learning process and the learner. Photoshop offers a large collection of basic as well as advanced image editing tools.

Is photo editing a hard skill? ›

Photo editing is a popular hard skill for professionals working in creative fields. On your resume, some photo editing skills to feature may include: Editing software.

Is inPixio Photo Studio 12 free? ›

inPixio's Free Photo Editor is developed from our flagship photo editing software, Photo Studio Pro, and is just as simple and fun to use.

What is the price of inPixio software? ›

inPixio Photo Studio does not have a free version but does offer a free trial. inPixio Photo Studio paid version starts at US$49.99/year.

What is the price of inPixio? ›

inPixio Photo Studio 11 price is $49.99, and inPixio Photo Studio 11 Pro is priced at $59.99. inPixio Photo Studio 11 also offers a free version with limited features.

How can I teach myself Photoshop? ›

Since everyone has to begin somewhere, let's look at a few ideas to help you learn Photoshop without getting overwhelmed.
  1. Learn the Basics of Graphic Design First. ...
  2. Get to Know the Photoshop Workspace. ...
  3. Pick One Tool a Day. ...
  4. Focus on a Photoshop Microskill. ...
  5. Follow a Photoshop Expert. ...
  6. Challenge Yourself With Microjobs.
Nov 1, 2022

Can you teach yourself to use Photoshop? ›

As powerful as Photoshop is, it can be a little intimidating. Adobe has done a great job of making the software more accessible to newcomers, but it's still a complex program. Fortunately, you don't need to be a professional graphic designer or digital marketing expert to learn how to use Photoshop.

Can you be a self taught professional photographer? ›

Photography is a hobby you can absolutely teach yourself. Trial and error and frequent practice will help you along as you get comfortable with concepts like exposure, aperture, shutter speed, and more. The first step is buying a camera and a few accessories to use as you grow your skills.

Which app do most photographers use to edit pictures? ›

Without further ado, let's see what these photo editing software have to offer!
  1. Adobe Lightroom. ...
  2. Skylum Luminar Neo. ...
  3. Adobe Photoshop. ...
  4. DxO PhotoLab. ...
  5. ON1 Photo RAW. ...
  6. Corel PaintShop Pro. ...
  7. Serif Affinity Photo. ...
  8. ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate.
6 days ago

How can I edit my photos like a free professional? ›

What is the best free online photo editor?
  1. Taler.
  2. GIMP.
  3. Canva.
  4. Fotor.
  5. Photo POS Pro.
  6. Pixlr X.
  7. Photoshop Express.
May 17, 2022

What app is everyone using to edit their photos? ›

1. PicsArt (Android, iOS) PicsArt is our top pick of the best photo editing apps, because it's fun, easy to use, yet covers just about all the bases for consumer mobile photography. It provides lots of creative control, excellent image-editing tools and a large variety of attractive filters.

Is InPixio photo studio any good? ›

I am very pleased with the overall functionality of InPixio. It's intuitive and does exactly what I need to remove backgrounds from photos and delete unwanted graphics. I would highly recommend this product. This photo editing software is extremely easy to use.

Is InPixio a one time purchase? ›

InPixio not for Serious Photo Editing

Very expensive, one time purchase, not the subscription, but it's unable to perform to their own advertising.

Which photo editing software do professionals use? ›

Adobe Photoshop is widely considered to be the gold standard when it comes to photo editing software. It's used by professional photographers and graphic designers worldwide, and for good reason. Photoshop is an incredibly powerful program that can be used to create just about anything you can imagine.

Is there a better photo editor than Photoshop? ›

Affinity Photo 2 is the best editing software alternative to Photoshop. This program has a comprehensive set of editing tools. You can edit photos and create digital art from scratch. RAW image processing is fast and powerful.

Which is better for beginners Photoshop or Lightroom? ›

On a high level, Lightroom is the best tool to manage and process the thousands of photos that live on your devices. Photoshop specializes in greater control to achieve more expansive edits that will help you make a few images look flawless.

Is Lightroom good for beginners? ›

I would say that although there is a learning curve for understanding and using the more advanced techniques and settings in Lightroom, and you also need to have a basic understanding of photography first, the software is still an excellent tool for beginners and professionals alike.

Do you have to pay for inPixio? ›

inPixio Photo Studio does not have a free version but does offer a free trial. inPixio Photo Studio paid version starts at USD 49.99/year.

Does inPixio have a lifetime license? ›

A lifetime license for inPixio is 99.99 USD. Please contact our billing support directly to purchase this option.

How can I edit photos like a professional for free? ›

What is the best free online photo editor?
  1. Taler.
  2. GIMP.
  3. Canva.
  4. Fotor.
  5. Photo POS Pro.
  6. Pixlr X.
  7. Photoshop Express.
May 17, 2022

Who is the No 1 photo editor? ›

Of the best photo editing apps on the market, PhotoDirector takes the #1 spot because of its ease of use and powerful AI tools and features. It's a free all-in-one photo editing app on iPhone and Android for both beginners and experts alike.

How can I edit my photos like a professional? ›

Here are the key steps for editing your photos:
  1. Crop your images and clean them up.
  2. Adjust white balance.
  3. Adjust exposure and contrast.
  4. Adjust color vibrancy and saturation.
  5. Sharpen images.
  6. Finalize and share.


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