Is it possible to print multiple InDesign pages on a single sheet? (2023)

  • How to Print Different Pages on a Single Sheet?

    Hello World!

    I'm a college student and just got my first MacBook.

    Since I print a lot of scripts for college, I used to print 4 pages on one sheet of paper to secure the money.

    How can I do this on my Mac? I haven't found how to print multiple copies of the same page on a single sheet.

    Thank you very much!


    Which app are you using?

  • Images are not printed multiple times per page

    print photos

    I am trying to print images on a photo paper and it only prints one photo at a time on 1 paper leaving me with 3 papers each with a single tip. I couldn't change the layout. Also if I go to my documents and click on the photos and I go to those I want to print the habit

    It is possible that the wrong default paper size is selected in the printer properties.
    Example... If your default paper size is 4x6... and you have 8.5x11 photo paper in yours
    With a printer, you would not see multiple print templates in the print dialog.

    You might find the following ideas helpful:

    Windows Vista - Image Printing: Frequently Asked Questions

    Windows Vista - photo printing tem Vista / Windows 7 - Tips for printing digital photos at home

  • Problems printing multiple areas of documents with the current page.

    -Using Word 2007 with HP 1300 printer (Windows VISTA).
    - Select PRINT from the menu.
    -I'm trying to print multiple copies of a page using "current page" as the print range.
    - I select the "Number of copies" and click OK, only one copy is printed.
    Who experiences:
    -J' entered the number manually.
    -J' chose the number with the arrow.
    -J' I pressed ENTER and clicked OK
    Print only one copy at a time.

    Hello MaryVL,

    Welcome to the Microsoft Answer forums.

    We would like more information about you in order to solve your problem. It is better please answer the following questions.

    · When was the last time it worked?

    · Do you remember making changes to your computer recently?

    · Can you print multiple copies using Windows programs such as Word Pad or Notepad?

    First I suggest you try printing multiple copies using Windows programs and see if you have similar problems.

    If you encounter this problem with Word 2007, I suggest you try the steps in the Microsoft KB article below.

    You cannot print multiple copies of a Word 2007 document

    If you still can't print multiple copies using Word 2007, suggest posting your question in the Desktop Apps Community for further assistance.

    Discussions about desktop apps

    Halima S - Microsoft Technical Support.

    visit ourMicrosoft Answers-Feedback-Forumand let us know what you think.

  • Is it possible to automatically restart multiple db db in a single house?


    OS-Version: 11 GR 2

    Standard Edition

    I even need the database with my participation, so I found that db only allows starting if a position is real...

    Makkina Srikanth disse:


    OS-Version: 11 GR 2

    Standard Edition

    I even need the database with my participation, so I found that db only allows starting if a position is real...

    1. Do you need to share the environment, whether Windows or Linux?

    2. You have read or browsed

    database instance

    Reboot Oracle can accommodate multiple databases on a single host computer.

    3. You must have a network infrastructure installed

    4 you need to be efficient in srvctl management policy

    5. IF you search with infrastructure - autostart on operating system can reboot

    /etc/oratab - Example

    ORCL:/U01/app/Oracle/product/11.2.0/dbhome_1:Y (this column contains information)

    DBSTART and dbshut are provided by Oracle and can be used

    Note: You must include kernel init scripts

    Refer to:

    You need to check the following

    Data Management Policy.

    • AUTOMATICALLY(Default): The database is automatically restored to its previous state (started or stopped) when the database host computer is restarted.
    • MANUAL: The database is never restarted automatically when you restart the database host computer. ONEMANUALThe parameter does not prevent Oracle Clusterware from monitoring the database so that it keeps running and restarts in case of failure.
    • NORESTART: In Oracle Database 11g Release 2 ( you can use theNORESTARTValue. Similar toMANUALis configured, the database will never automatically restart after the database host computer is restarted. ONENORESTARTHowever, the setting never restarts the database even if an error occurs.

    Note: Do not confuse in cases, it would leave you to manage yourself at home.


    -Pavan Kumar N

  • print multiple pages


    Adobe Reader paragraph 10.1.2

    I chose the option - print multiple pages on a single sheet of paper - which worked well.

    Now I want this function - a page for a RESET sheet.

    How do you do that?

    I don't see a "reset" parameter - use multiple, at least 2 sides (not 1 side), so it's...

    Thanks and best regards

    Peter Rasmussen

    Press the size button.

  • Multiple crypto cards on a single ASA interface


    I'm working with a TAC support engineer and while troubleshooting, he suggests assigning two different cryptographic cards to a single interface.

    Is it technically possible to have multiple crypto maps on a single ASA interface?

    PS: I know having multiple strings on a single ciphercard would work, but it's a case that I need to address multiple ciphermaps on a single ASA.

    Hello Ali,

    The rule is per interface, single card encryption is supported. You cannot assign more than one cipher to a single interface card.

    "You can only assign a single cryptographic card defined on an interface. If multiple cryptographic card entries have the same card name but different sequence number, they belong to the same series and are applied to the interface. The ASA evaluates the low sequence number card cryptographic entry first. »

    Dinesh Moudgil

    PS Please rate the posts helpful.

  • HP Envy 4501∷ HP Envy 4501 scans multiple pages into a single document

    I cannot scan multiple pages into a single PDF document with my HP Envy 4501 printer.

    I have already checked that the "Create a separate file for each scanned page" checkbox is checked.disabled in the advanced settings in the files area.

    After I scan the first page, I do itNotGet a screen with a+(plus sign) that allows you to scan additional pages in the same document.

    Is it possible to get a software fix/update for the HP Envy 4501 printer that will fix the screen with the+(plus sign) that allows you to scan additional pages in the same document after the first scanned page?

    If I don't fix this problem soon, I am about to return my HP Envy 4501 printer to the store I bought it from so I can get my money back and before that I bought a printer from one of HP's competitors. Warranty expires, done.

    I am very dissatisfied with the HP printing software, support services and web presence, which don't work half the time.




    Lower the scan resolution to 300 DPI or less, multi-page scanning is only supported at lower resolutions.

    A higher resolution does not add additional pages.


  • Is it possible to select multiple non-contiguous items on a page?

    Is it possible to select multiple non-contiguous items on a page? Let's say I want to apply a style to 5 different elements on a page and they are scattered all over the page. Can I somehow select all 5 and apply the style to them with a single click?

    When you speak different, unrelated pieces of text into the same text box, InDesign doesn't have this capability.

  • 78 pages and 40 double pages. offset printing possible?

    I want to know if my brochure is set up correctly. I hope you can help.

    Its size is DIN A4 (210x297mm). The corresponding printer width is 420 x 297 mm.

    My document has arrived78 pagese40 printed pages- according to InDesign's dropdown menu page.

    It seems possible to print in offset. Real?

    The first and last pages are just the back of the "other" of the printer, which is then expanded. Someone told me I can't print this because everyone has to be a printdivisibleat 4. But in the end most of the "spreads" are printers - I think

    So what is correct? Is it possible to print a 78-page, 40-page booklet?

    Not if it's sewn into the saddle...unless you have a paper backing, of course.


  • HP PSC 1210∷ Is it possible to scan multiple pages into one file on a PSC 1210?

    Is it possible to scan multiple pages to a file on a PSC 1210 with Windows 10?

    Hi!@stacey3, Thanks for the answer.

    Thank you, please follow the troubleshooting steps.

    As you mentioned, it cannot be saved to PDF or JPEG.

    Use the HP Scan and Capture app to scan multiple pages and save them as a single file.

    For more information about the HP Scan and Capture app, see this article:

    Let me know how it goes!

    See you later!Is it possible to print multiple InDesign pages on a single sheet? (1)

  • How to print multiple images per page

    How to print multiple copies of a single image on a single page

    Duplicate the photo before printing, select all copies and use ⌘P to print the photo.

    To duplicate the photo, select and enter the key combination ⌘D or use the menu item "Image > Duplicate...»»

    Is it possible to print multiple InDesign pages on a single sheet? (2)

  • HP Deskjet 2540∷ It is not possible to scan multiple pages into a single PDF file for the Deskjet 2540 printer on Windows 10

    I am scanning multiple pages (5) into a single document. I followed the instructions in the other answers to the questions - I chose the PDF file type, chose a resolution of less than 300 DPI (I use the default of 200 dpi) and clicked Preview (don't scan). However, there was no option to add pages when viewing posted.

    Is it possible to print multiple InDesign pages on a single sheet? (3)

    I don't know if I scanned multiple pages into a single document by following the instructions there before switching to Windows 10. Is this no longer possible with Windows 10?


    Is this program the HP program loaded with the drivers and full software?

    You should have something like this with a signal at the 7 o'clock position.

    Is it possible to print multiple InDesign pages on a single sheet? (4)

  • Is it possible to scan multiple pages on a Touchsmart All-in-One - a B110a?

    I'm new to this forum so please forgive me if this question has been asked before. I would like to know if it is possible to scan more than 1 page at a time with this printer? Doing page after page pisses me off. Surely there is a better way...?

    Thanks for any helpIs it possible to print multiple InDesign pages on a single sheet? (5)


    Based on the link below, it doesn't have an ADF (Automatic Document Feeder) so there's no better way:

    There is one option: you should always scan individually in the form of PDF files and then merge them using a product called PDFsam. You can download from the following link:

    With this free product, you can split a large file into many small files and also merge multiple PDF files into one PDF file.


  • Printing multiple pages in a TIFF file using Windows Photo Viewer

    Original title: Printing problem with a tiff file

    hi Guys

    How can I print 2 or 3 sheets of only 68 pages in a TIFF file when I open it with "Windowed Photo Viewer"?

    When you click "Print" it only shows "Paper Size", "Quality" and just "Paper"!

    Please kindly teach me how to turn the pages I need.

    Waiting for your answer or response!


    You didn't mention the OS version running on the computer with the problem. We know the OS version on this computer.

    You can view multi-page TIFF files with the Windows Photo Viewer application, but you cannot print multiple pages in a multi-page TIFF file. To get this functionality, you can look at the workarounds provided inresponderon the following topics: f6de218720b2

    (Note: the link above suggests a third-party program as a workaround.) Remember that using a non-Microsoft program poses a risk to the user, and any problems arising from the use of such programs are the responsibility of the user contact the manufacturer of the respective program) selected-pages-in-a/9b0d846c-C765-E011- 8dfc-68b599b31bf5

    I'm not one of those workarounds that should help you. If you still need help with the issue or with Windows, please get in touch with more details. We're here to help.

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