Kaigaku Demon Slayer - Skills, Battles and Fan Arts (2023)

Kaigaku is one of the demons in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba. He is mostly seen in the Infinity Castle Arc. Among the Twelve Kizuki, Kaigaku holds the rank of Obermond Six. he replacesNoand Gyutaro being in that position after his death.

Kaigaku used to be a demon slayer. He and Zenitsu were taken in by Jigoro, the former Thunder Hashira, and taught how to use Thunder Breath. He decided to take on Jigoro and become the new Thunder Hashira.

Kaigaku Demon Slayer - Skills, Battles and Fan Arts (1)

But at some point during the Hashira Training Arc, Kaigaku reached Upper Moon Level One,Naturallyand lost to him. he was amazedKokushibosstrength and skills. To save himself he gave himself upKokushibo and became a demon. He later joined the Kizuki Twelve.

Kaigaku Skills

Kaigaku is one of the most powerful characters in the series.Demon Hunter:Kimetsu no Yaiba. He is the one along with KokushiboDemons who can use demonic blood artand breathing techniques.

Kaigaku is an absolute beast when it comes to power, and despite having recently become a demon, he was super-powered. The main reason is that he received a lotMuzan Kibutsuji's blood to transform into a demonbecause people who use Full Concentration Breathing are less affected by the Demon King's blood. [8] Zenitsu also said that Kaigaku ate a lot of people in the short time between Hashira's Training Arc and the Infinity Castle Arc, which was another sign of how strong he was.

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Within a year, Kaigaku would have become immensely powerful and killed Zenitsu instantly.

Speed ​​of light

As a Thunder Breath user turned high-level Demon, Kaigaku has excellent speed and reflexes.

This is because the Thunder Breathing sword art style places a lot of emphasis on being fast and moving in short bursts. This, along with the fact that he absorbed a lot of blood from Muzan, makes Kaigaku a very fast fighter.

He could keep up with Zenitsu, aDemon Slayer who learned the same breathing stylefrom the same teacher and even beat him for most of his fight.

(Video) Zenitsu vs Kaigaku | Zenitsu Seventh Form⚡⚡⚡ [Fan Animation]

awesome swordsman

Your sword skills are unlike mostDemon Slayers for carrying their scabbard on their back instead of on either side of their waist.

Despite this, he was just as good with a sword as Zenitsu, who had previously fought higher-level demons. Kaigaku's swordsmanship also got much better after learning the blood demon art.

Kaigaku Breathing Style: Breath of Thunder

Jigoro, formerly the former Thunder Hashira, taught Kaigaku this breathing style. Jigoro wanted Zenitsu to be like Kaigaku when it comes to learning this breathing style.

However, Kaigaku was unable to learn the first and most basic form of thunder, thunder, and lightning breathing, although he was able to learn and master the other 5 techniques of that breathing style.

Kaigaku's thunderous breath has become real since he became a demon and learned the art of blood demon. He can now control natural lightning and electricity, giving this breathing style much more offensive power. Kaigaku even said it was better than Thunder Breathing.

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Blood Demonic Art Kaigaku: Electrokinesis

In addition to his thundering breath style, Kaigaku's Blood Demon Art grants him special electrokinetic powers, allowing him to create and control black lightning and electricity from his own flesh and blood.

This extremely fast blood demonic art creates a unique effect that rips, tears and burns the flesh of its target, making its attacks much more dangerous and effective.

Kaigaku is very good at using this blood demonic art. He combines lightning with his Thunder Breath techniques to increase the range and speed of his attacks.

Second Form: Spirit of Rice

Kaigaku quickly unleashes five curved strikes accompanied by lightning.

(Video) Kaigaku Blood Demon Art Explained (Demon Slayer)

Third Form: Thunder Swarm

Kaigaku attacks the enemy from all sides, surrounding them with waves of arcing lightning.

Fourth Form: Distant Thunder

Kaigaku makes a ball of electricity that sends waves of powerful lightning in multiple directions.

Fifth Form: Heat Flash

Kaigaku sends lightning upwards along with a long range sword slash.

Sechste Form: Rumble and Flash

Kaigaku unleashes a series of powerful long-range lightning attacks that strike his opponent from a long distance.

Espada Kaigaku: Carne Nichrin Katan

Kaigaku carries a sword made from his own flesh and blood, which is a modified version of the Nichirin sword he used when he was a demon slayer.

His meat katana features a yellow blade with a black lightning bolt pattern on either side. The handle is black and gold.

His katana is sharper and lasts longer than a standard Nichrin sword. It's also possible that his Flesh Blade helps him use his Blood Demon Art, because it allows him to channel his blood when using his techniques.

Zenitsu x Kaigaku

Kaigaku Demon Slayer - Skills, Battles and Fan Arts (4)

Zenitsu vs. Kaigaku is a really intense battle in the Demon Slayer series:Kimetsu No Yaiba. This is all the more interesting because both Kaigaku and Zenitsu were under the same master, Jigoro, and would become his successors.

The mockery before the battle

Zenitsu finds Kaigaku behind a door as he makes his way through the castle. He tells him to get up and leave. Kaigaku doesn't like that Zenitsu doesn't respect him, so he tells him that this isn't the right way to talk to a senior.

(Video) Zenitsu VS Kaigaku Part 1- Fan Animation | Demon Slayer

Zenitsu says that now that Kaigaku is a demon, he is no longer his superior. Kaigaku mocks Zenitsu, saying he looks bad and is still just a pushover. He then tries to anger Zenitsu by asking if he has become a Hashira. Zenitsu reacts calmlyKaigaku seems happy to be the lowest rank, although it just fills an empty space.

Kaigaku Demon Slayer - Skills, Battles and Fan Arts (5)

Zenitsu even wanted to know why Kaigaku turned into a demon, as he used to be very interested in learning Thunder Breath and becoming the successor to the previous Thunder Hashira and his Senpai Jigoro.

He then takes his anger out on Kaigaku, telling him that he was the one who killed Jigoro.

Kaigaku says that he believes only people who know his worth should take care of him. He then mocks Jigoro by calling him a "senile old man". Zenitsu then calls him back.

Kaigaku gets mad at what Zenitsu says about him, so he tells Zenitsu not to put him in the same boat as him. He draws his sword and begins the fight.

The fight between two rays

Kaigaku Demon Slayer - Skills, Battles and Fan Arts (6)

Kaigaku attempts to kill Zenitsu with his Blood Demon Art-enhanced Thunder Breath, Fourth Form: Distant Thunder. Zenitsu, quick as he is, draws his sword and runs it through Kaigaku's neck, calling him trash and saying he's too slow.

Kaigaku sees that Zenitsu is a much better swordsman and has many more skills than before. But he still believes that no matter how hard he trains, Zenitsu will never be able to beat a veteran like him.

(Video) What Is Muzan's Blood Demon Art? 🤔 #shorts #muzankibutsuji #demonslayer

Kaigaku then uses Thunder Breathing, Second Form: Rice Spirit to slash Zenitsu. Zenitsu says thisKaigaku ate a lot of people and asks if he doesn't knowwhat is right and wrong. Kaigaku proudly says that he knows what is right and wrong.

As Kaigaku uses Thunder Breathing, Third Form: Thunder Swarm, he says that those who judge him correctly and accept him for who he is are right, and those who don't are wrong.

Kaigaku then uses Thunder Breath, Fifth Form: Heat Lightning and taunts Zenitsu while praising his own Blood Demon enhanced forms. He says that when his Thunder Breathing forms cut through Zenitsu's body, his skin and flesh burn and shatter when he uses Thunder Breathing, Sixth Form: Rumble and Flash.

Kaigaku Demon Slayer - Skills, Battles and Fan Arts (7)

Zenitsu reflects on his past relationship with Kaigaku as he falls. He reflects on how he and Kaigaku didn't get along. He jumps onto a wall and uses his own breathing style, Thunder Breathing, Seventh Form: Honoikazuchi no Kami. Kaigaku has his head cut off as he falls, and Zenitsu curses him as the two fall.

Kaigaku morre e Zenitsu vence

Yushirosaves Zenitsu as he falls. Yushiro mocks Kaigaku by telling him that dying alone is sad. Kaigaku dies a gruesome death and Zenitsu is saved.

Meeting with the Master

While working at Zenitsu, Yushiro falls asleep and wakes up in a dream world where he sees Jigoro. He apologizes to Jigoro for not being able to get along with Kaigaku, and Jigoro tells him, "Zenitsu, you are my pride and joy."

Kaigaku Appearance

Kaigaku Demon Slayer - Skills, Battles and Fan Arts (8)

Kaigaku looks like a young man with black hair and turquoise eyes when he is human. After transforming into a demon, he gains many demonic traits such as fangs, pale skin, sharp black nails, and pointed ears.

Kaigaku usually wears a black kimono with a blue obi over his yellow flame-shaped markings on the chest of his Demon Slayer uniform.

final thoughts

Kaigaku, if he doesn't turn into a demon, he can be one of the bestDemon slayer and even intends to become Thunder Hashira. But he chose a different path and ended up paying for his life.

(Video) Why Kaigaku Was Unable To Defeat Zenitsu? 🤔 #shorts #zenitsu #thunderbreathing

common questions

Who wins in Zenitsu X Kaigaku

Zenitsu. During the intense battle between Zenitsu and Kaigaku, Zenitsu emerges as the victor. He was seriously injured and likely would have died had he not been rescued by Yushiro.

How did Kaigaku become a demon?

At some point during Hashira's training arc, Kaigaku met Kokushibo, a rank 1 overmoon. He was surprised at how solid and powerful Kokushibo was. he surrenderedKokushibo and turned into a demonto save yourself. He later became one of the Twelve Kizuki.

Kaigaku Demon Slayer - Skills, Battles and Fan Arts (9)

What is Kaigaku's rank?

Upper lunar level six. Kaigaku becomes exceptionally powerful after becoming a demon by ingesting Muzan's blood and eating many people.


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