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You can manage your supermarket through our online services for individuals.

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  • Look at your super accounts
  • your account balances
  • YourSuper comparison tool
  • Things to consider before transferring
  • transfer your super

What you can do and see online on ATO

You can now:

  • View your super fund accounts and balances and the amounts we hold
  • Find Super Lost and Hold by ATO and consolidate your accounts.
  • Look at the amounts your employer has contributed to your Super Contribution
  • View your Super Balance
  • Use the YourSuper comparison tool to compare MySuper products and choose a super fund that suits your needs
  • Viewing Non-Grant Contributions and Submitting Information
  • View your bounty posts and move bounty post information
  • View Transfer Balance Limit (TBC) details and enable related choices
  • choosing to release money from the Super to pay for liabilities such as Division293 and excess tax contributions
  • Apply for the First Home Super Saver (FHSS) plan and view information about your account and application.
  • Claim early access to some of your Super (in limited circumstances).

Look at your super accounts

We provide an online view of all your super accounts with:

  • was reported by your pension fund, your pension account (RSA) or your self-administered pension fund
  • Supermoney which we hold for you and which has been paid to us by a fund, employer or government as required by law; If we can't find an account to transfer the funds to, we'll show it as ATO Super Hold.

reported accounts

You can view the details of all your super accounts that have been reported to us in the last year or so. These include:

  • Open Accounts: Marked with a "Yes" flag if they have received a Super Contribution in the last 6 months
  • Closed Accounts: Accounts closed on or after July 1, 2018
  • Inactive accounts that have not received a Super Contribution in the last 6 months or more
  • All accounts that are considered "lost" because the super fund is unable to contact you, marked with a note that you should consider contacting your super fund
  • retirement accounts
  • anySuper supported by ATO.

You should be able to see the details of a newly opened account shortly after it's opened, provided the super fund has notified us.

Use:The balances shown reflect the latest reported information provided by your Super Fund. To get the actual balance, you should check with your super fund.

Self-Managed Superfunds

If you are a member of a self-managed super fund (SMSF), your SMSF account information will not be displayed if the SMSF:

  • does not have a compliance status of compliant or registered
  • has an excellent SMSF annualized return (SAR)
  • You have not reported the SMSF Australian Business Number (ABN) or the ABN was reported incorrectly in the last SAR filing
  • You have not successfully added your membership through the Australian Business Registry (ABR).

In these cases, please get in touch with the authorized contact person for your fund as they can provide you with further information.

Super Fondsname

Our online services display the name of your pension product, which has been reported to us by your pension fund.

Two accounts for the same fund

We display your Super Accounts as reported to us by your Super Fund.

There can be 2 accounts because you can have 2 separate accounts within your Superfund.

We have not shared your account information. Your Superfund may be able to give you more information.

Accounts not shown

Some Superfund accounts may not appear online for the following reasons:

  • previously claimed or transferred accounts
  • Member account details are not reported by Super Funds
  • We cannot reconcile the account details provided by your Superfund.

Your Superfund may be able to give you more information.

your account balances

Our online services display information reported to us by your Superfund. However, it is not reported in "real time" so it may not reflect the actual balance of your Super Account. Sometimes super funds do not report an account balance.

There are a few things to note:

  • Your account balance may not match the balance on your most recent statement because the information is not reported to us immediately. Check the date of the report next to the account balance: Your fund may have issued a member account statement after you informed us.
  • If you're waiting for a transfer from an ATO held annuity and it doesn't show up on your balance, it may be because your fund won't accept an ATO held annuity. You should check with your cashier. You can nominate another fund.
  • If you are a member of a Super Defined Benefit scheme, your account balance reported to us may vary from one scheme to another. Please refer to your Membership Statement for more details.
  • For Commonwealth public service defined benefit schemes, including CSS and PSS, your account balance shows the withheld benefit (contributions and accrued earnings) as at 30 June.

Your Superfund may be able to give you more information.

Exceptions to what people will see

There are a number of exceptions that mean the information may not be available:

  • SMSFs still don't report their super information as regularly as the (big) APRA regulated funds. People should check their current balance with their SMSF.
  • Defined benefit funds and some public sector pension schemes report differently. People only see information from the last date of the annual report.

YourSuper comparison tool

IsYourSuper comparison toolhelps you compare MySuper products and choose a super fund that suits your needs. By accessing the customized version of the tool in ATO online, you can view and compare your existing MySuper products alongside other super funds' MySuper products.

Things to consider before transferring

When you put all your Supers in one account, you only pay a set of fees and account fees. It also makes it easy to keep track of your Super.

Please check with both super funds, particularly the account being transferred, so that you are aware of any applicable fees or charges, loss of rights (e.g. life insurance) or any other information about the implications of this transfer are you. You can have in your super advantages

The transfer of your benefits does not change the fund to which your employer pays your contributions. Talk to your employer about whether you are free to choose the fund into which you pay your employer contributions.

The transfer of profits from a fund may close this account. There are a few important factors to consider before transferring your Super:

  • Differences in rates can make a big difference in how much money you will have when you retire.
  • The fund you wish to leave may charge management fees and exit or withdrawal fees.
  • The fund you wish to transfer to may have an entry or deposit fee.
  • The Inheritance Fund can insure you against death, illness or accident that causes you to be unable to work. If you leave this fund you may lose these rights; Check if the other fund offers comparable coverage. Our online services mark each Super Account that includes insurance with a "yes" indicator.
  • The fund you wish to transfer to may not accept transfers of funds held by ATOs or Super Funds; check before you start the transfer.
  • There are no fees or charges for transferring super money held by ATOs to a super fund account.

If you are unsure what to do, seek independent financial advice or contact your Superfund.

Check the super fund receiving the super to make sure they accept power transfers.

transfer your super

You can transfer any of your Super Accounts to a Super Fund of your choice.

A separate electronic application will be sent to each transferring Superfund. It typically takes 3 days to electronically submit your application to your designated super fund.

Some Super Funds may contact you to verify the information provided or for additional information before processing the transfer request.

You can only transfer the entire balance of a Super Account from one Super Fund to another via our Online Services. Partial transfers are not possible online.

If you would like to transfer part of your Super Account balance from one Super Fund to another, please contact the Super Fund you wish to transfer money from.

Some transfers may not be possible

Some super fund accounts may not allow transfer of super. Our online services (seeUse of ATO Online Services) will only show the accounts in the "Transfer your Super" section to which you can transfer or withdraw your Super, depending on the type of account and the details reported by your Super fund:

  • If the account you want to select as the "From" account is not listed, the Superfund does not allow international transfers.
  • If the account you wish to select as the recipient account is not listed, the Superfund does not accept internal transfers.
  • If the account was recently opened and you haven't informed us, it may not appear.
  • If the super benefit has already been implemented or a transfer request has been made within 12 months of the current request, a transfer may not be possible.

Contact your super fund for more information.

For more general information seeSuper.

You can manage your supermarket with ATO online services for individuals.

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