The 10 greatest final battles in anime (2023)

While many key battles have taken place between anime's strongest heroes and villains, only the final battles can achieve any emotional depth. The final battles in the anime mark the epic conclusion of a long war and determine once and for all the true victory of the series conflict. Great final battles often involve spiteful battles between bitter rivals with opposing moral philosophies.

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However, many of anime's best final battles are simply the culmination of a conflict-filled story arc, pitting the hero against the stronger enemy. In fact, they often spawn after defeating all of the hero's companions, and the hero is all that stands between the world and certain destruction.


10 Shirou Vs Gilgamesh was all about pride

Destiny stay/night

The 10 greatest final battles in anime (1)

Emdestination / overnight, the Grail War ended in a one-on-one duel between Shirou, Archer's past self, and the all-powerful Gilgamesh. While Gilgamesh probably could have ended the fight prematurely using all of his power, his pride and underestimation of Shirou cost him dearly.

While Gilgamesh could almost overwhelm anyone with aunlimited number of weapons, Shirous Unlimited Blade Works was the perfect counterattack. When Gilgamesh realized the gravity of his mistake, it was too late and Shirou finally humiliated the king of heroes once and for all.

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9 Saitama Vs Boros looked almost like an even match

One punch man

The 10 greatest final battles in anime (2)

Saitama spent most of his timeOne punch manAgainst villains who stood little chance against the power of his fist. With the introduction of Boros, that seemed to have finally changed.

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After taking more than one hit from Saitama, Boros really seemed to offer the long-awaited challenge Saitama was looking for. Though their fight was thrilling to watch, Saitama was still able to take down the most powerful being he had ever faced, using only a fraction of his full power.

8 Spike Vs Vicious ended with uncertainty

Cowboy Bebop

The 10 greatest final battles in anime (3)

Spike's last encounter with Vicious was one of the most poetic moments in anime history.Vicious was the main source of Spike's misery.all his life and which ended up taking him to the depressing state of limbo he was in at the beginningCowboy Bebop.

Spike had enough and charged towards the Red Dragon Syndicate headquarters, weapons drawn, putting up a truly heroic last stand. However, in the process of his revenge, Spike was seriously injured. Fans have to decide for themselves if they really died or not.

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7 Edward Elric V's father was an equal exchange

steel alchemist

The 10 greatest final battles in anime (4)

When the evil Father Humunculus hatched one of the most evil plans in anime history and initially succeeded, fans couldn't help but feel that all was lost. However, like a great alchemist, Hohenheim had a contingency plan in place at all times.

After Hohenheim and Scar reversed the ritual and saved everyone in Amastris, Ed had all the space he needed to face his father in a fair fight. Ed used all the power Ed had inside him and his newly restored arm to show his father that power wasn't as important as the person wielding it.

6 Ichigo Vs Aizen became one of the strongest warriors in Shonen


The 10 greatest final battles in anime (5)

Aizen's surprising betrayal and the efforts he made to carry out his plan made him one of anime's most iconic villains. After seeing Aizen's incredible power compared to virtually every captain in Soul Society, fans began to wonder how Ichigo could possibly win this fight.

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However, with newfound strength and determination, Ichigo emerged as one of the strongest heroes in Shonen anime, humiliating Aizen in his final standoff. Not only did Ichigo and Aizen engage in an epic battle of physical strength and power, but many revelations were revealed about Ichigo's abilities and background.

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5 Netero Vs Meruem explored what it means to be human

Hunter x Hunter

The 10 greatest final battles in anime (6)

While it took a while for the effects of this fight to show, Netero's final stand against Meruem was one of the anime's most iconic moments.Even well after your heyday, Netero showed why he was the president of the Hunter Association when he gave Meruem the literal fight of his life.

The depth of Netero and Meruem's characters made this fight even more epic, adding emotional weight to the fight's outcome.Hunter x Hunterit was full of many great moments, but in terms of pure combat, few in the anime come close to Netero and Meruem's pivotal match.

4 Jotaro Vs Dio was a timeless duel

Strange JoJos Abenteuer

The 10 greatest final battles in anime (7)

Jotaro and Dio were a duel that was destined to happen, it was just a matter of time. Time didn't really matter to Dio specifically, as he could stop time himself with his incredibly powerful Stand, The World.

However, unbeknownst to Dio, Jotaro also has the ability to stop time, albeit for a slightly shorter amount of time. However, what Jotaro lacks in power he makes up for in cunning, and this proves to be his means to victory. Using his own time stop just ahead of Dios, Jotaro was able to gain the upper hand and steal a historic victory from his enemy.

3 Ash Vs Leon created a well-deserved Pokémon Master


The 10 greatest final battles in anime (8)
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After seeing Ash travel the world on his journey to find aPokémonChampions for over two decades, fans finally got the promised moment they've all been waiting for: Ash's final match against Leon at Worlds. Ash's relentless training and refusal to give up got to him.the best pokemon team he ever hadentered the match and his chances looked better than ever.

With a full roster of powerful Pokemon like Lucario, Dragonite, and of course Pikachu, Ash was able to secure victory and become the Pokemon World Champion. After years of disappointment and struggle, Ash was finally able to say that he was the best in a way that no one else ever was.

2 Naruto Vs Sasuke brought together anime's best friends


The 10 greatest final battles in anime (9)

Naruto and Sasuke are definitely in contention for most notorious anime friends, and their battle in Final Valley brought their long history to its final conclusion. Despite all the struggle he inflicted on everyone, Naruto would not give up Sasuke as his friend and the only way to truly get through to him would be a final fight to the death.

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Luckily for anime fans, Naruto and Sasuke's fight didn't end in death, though both lost an arm in the process. In the end, Naruto would give his right arm every time it meant getting his right hand back.

1 Goku Vs Freeza introduced the legendary Super Saiyan

Dragon Ball Z

The 10 greatest final battles in anime (10)
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The events leading up to Frieza and Goku's final battle have raised the stakes for Earth's greatest warrior. After Freeza assumed his final form, he became an almost unstoppable monster that not only killed Krillin, but also targeted Goku's son, Gohan.

Frieza's unadulterated display of villainy drove Goku over the edge, prompting him to unleash his true potential: the legendary Super Saiyan form. As Goku and Freeza battled it out on a planet that was crumbling under the weight of their power, anime fans watched as history was made before their very eyes.

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