Top 8 Aircall Alternatives - A Detailed Review and Comparison (2023)

Top 8 Aircall Alternatives - A Detailed Review and Comparison (1)

  • April 11, 2022

Are you looking for alternatives to Aircall for your business? Well, you have come to the right place. In this article, we take a look at how Aircall alternatives stack up.

Top 8 Aircall Alternatives - A Detailed Review and Comparison (2)

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I am looking for a resistant onebusiness phone system, Aircall would probably have appeared.

There are many things that make Aircall great software, but there are also factors that make you think differently. After all, there is no one solution that fits every business like a glove.

However, if you need a second opinion on this, you've come to the right place!

Let's dive into the Aircall alternatives so that you know what your options are and can come to a conclusion.


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What is the air call?

flight callis a cloud-based call center and phone system software with 70+ integrations with productivity tools and help desk to support your call-based business activities.

With the company's primary goal of making call support accessible, Aircall is now available in over 100 countries and from any device: web, phone, and desktop.

And to make call support more transparent, Aircall gives you detailed metrics to see (in real time) who's on the phone, inconsistent wait times, missed calls, and historical trends.

With powerful and seamless integrations withCRMand help desk tools, you can track your call history with customers without keeping the information separate.

Additionally, integrations with transcription tools allow you to record and analyze conversations to create performance reports that can be critical to your growth.

What makes Aircall great?

Seamless integration with many software solutions

If your focus is a phone system with powerful integrations into your software, Aircall may be the perfect software for you.

Whether you integrate with HubSpot,Mortgage's trial, or any other software, you can be sure of its simplicity and seamless integration with these platforms.

Also, Aircall has the most versatile and comprehensive native integration library that is easy to set up. With just a few clicks, you can integrate just about anything you can think of with Aircall.

ease of use

Aircall's interface is so compact, yet intuitive and easy to use. You do not need extensive technical knowledge to set up and use the platform. From installation to integration, it's extremely easy to navigate and get up and running.

Not to mention the admin console, which is easy to use, unlike the admin panels found in many other phone systems.


Onboarding is easy with Aircall's powerful training features. Getting meaningful metrics about your teams can give you insight into areas for improvement and where you can keep up with them.

You can then use this information with the call advice feature, where you can listen to a live call and inform your agent, who can just listen to your advice without interrupting the call.

Support team collaboration

In most cases, the use of some phone systems does not offer comprehensive team support features, which can have a detrimental effect on productivity.

As an all-in-one solution, Aircall offers extensive features such as warm call forwarding, call notes, etc.shared inboxthis is often missing from many other providers

Additionally, conference calls can be the most collaborative effort to create meaningful conversations for your team on the go to discuss important issues internally or with your clients.

Disadvantages of using Aircall

bad customer service

Aircall customer service is responsive, but not that much. Onboarding issues are time consuming and unnecessarily complicated. For example, if you need to resolve issues with your plans, you should do so with your original vendor, who may be unavailable or out of service.

With complex issues, customer service representatives will find it difficult to provide assistance and you will end up frustrated. It will take some time before you get help or answers to your problems.


Aircall's pricing plans offer minimal flexibility in terms of cost, as each plan requires you to add at least 3 users. Each user is billed separately, and given the high cost per user, you may end up paying more than you bargained for.

That means the Essentials plan (the cheapest plan) would cost $50 x 3 = $150 each month.

For sole traders or young businesses, using Aircall might be beyond your budget. You may also end up paying extra for extra seats you don't even need.

Less tweaks

Most of the native integration with Aircall comes as standard; For example, the Salesforce integration doesn't give you the ability to create multiple custom objects. This can be a limitation for those who want to do more with their integrations.

Also, you can't customize the branding scheme colors in Aircall to match your company's branding. There is also no night mode or custom themes.

Top 8 Aircall Alternatives


Top 8 Aircall Alternatives - A Detailed Review and Comparison (3)

Novocall is a holisticbusiness phone systemthat supports call-based lead generation for businesses. It is packed with features like aclick to call widget, aoutgoing dialer, Ycall tracking.

The click to call widget can be embedded on your website and collects contact information when incoming leads use it to schedule calls with you.

The software's auto dialer allows you to create cold calling campaigns and the call tracking tool helps you track all your calls and attribute them to each marketing source.

💡 Best known for:A business phone system forincoming and outgoing calls

💡 Outstanding feature:Call management feature set that supports call-based lead generation

💡 Prices:Starter Plan - $19/user/month Pro Plan - $39/user/month Custom Plan - Request a Quote

RingCentral MVP

Top 8 Aircall Alternatives - A Detailed Review and Comparison (4)

RingCentral MVPis another cloud-based phone system with built-in video calling and text messaging capabilities to streamline your communication with your team and clients.

In 2021, Techradar rated it as thebest voip phone service. However,user ratingshave shown that RingCentral has the most buggy apps, leading to constant updates.

In addition to errors disrupting your business processes, uninstalling and then reinstalling apps is time consuming.

💡 Best known for:BusinessTelephone numbersin more than 100 countries

💡 Outstanding feature:Advanced call handling including whisper, barge and more

💡 Prices:Essentials Plan - $19.99/user/month, Standard p - $27.99/user/month, Premium Plan - $34.99/user/month, Ultimate Plan - $49.99/user/month

keyboard talk

Top 8 Aircall Alternatives - A Detailed Review and Comparison (5)

dial padis another Aircall alternative that offers cloud phone systems for support teams and customer communications. The workspace includes talking, messaging, meeting and contacting the center in one place.

The Dialpad's main selling point is its 100 percent uptimeANS, which means there will be no downtime throughout the year.

The dial pad allows you to set your business hours and your calls will be routed to voicemail outside of business hours. These voice messages are then automatically transcribed for you.

💡 Best known for:G Suite and Office 365 integrations

💡 Outstanding feature:100% Service Level Agreement (SLA)

💡 Prices:Standard Plan: $15/user/month, Pro Plan: $25/user/month, Enterprise Plan: Contact Keyboard


Top 8 Aircall Alternatives - A Detailed Review and Comparison (6)

nextis a cloud-based business communication system with powerful features for your business. It offers centralized business VoIP solutions with powerful automation and data analytics capabilities.

One of the key differences between Aircall and many others is that Nextiva offers multiple products that can be purchased separately or together, depending on your business needs.

Team collaboration features are new to Nextiva and may still be buggy and limited. This means that Aircall is much better with this feature if that is what you were looking for.

However, Nextiva's collaboration features might work better than Aircall's in the future, so be sure to check it out.

💡 Best known for:Business Communication Suite with features that can be purchased separately at a fair price.

💡 Outstanding feature:Call recording and Call Pop

💡 Prices:Essential Plan –$14.95/user/month, Professional plan: $20.95/user/month, Enterprise plan: $26.95/user/month, Ultimate plan: starting at $57.95/user/month


Top 8 Aircall Alternatives - A Detailed Review and Comparison (7)

grasshopperis a virtual telephone system designed to facilitate telephone communication. While it's great for growing businesses, it doesn't offer the convenience of extensive phone services to meet more business needs, like video conferencing, CRM integrations, and call recording.

It has a dedicated desktop and mobile softphone that makes it easy to communicate with anyone, anywhere, as long as you are connected to the Internet.

So if you need a cheaper alternative, Grasshopper might be a good option for you.

💡 Best known for:visual voicemail

💡 Outstanding feature:Simultaneous call handling

💡 Prices:Solo - $26/account/mo, Partner - $44/account/mo, Small Business - $80/account/mo


8×8is one of the big players and providers of unified communication tools, just like RingCentral and Nextiva. It offers multiple integration options with tools such as Salesforce, Outlook andZendesk.

8×8 provides multi-channel communication that supports phone calls, video conferences,Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)pipeline and more.

Since it is an all-in-one solution, you can meet all your needs in one place.

💡 Best known for:Interactive voice response feature that allows customers to route their calls to the correct department

💡 Outstanding feature:automatic participant

💡 Prices:Contact Center (Voice) - $87/user/month, Contact Center (Omnichannel) - $107/user/month, Contact Center (Advanced) - $146/user/month


Top 8 Aircall Alternatives - A Detailed Review and Comparison (8)

OnSIPis a hosted PBX platform that offers unified communications over SIP capabilities. No hardware is required for use. All you need is to download your apps on your device and you are done.

There are many differences betweenSIP y VoIP, and the services offered through SIP are more advanced. OnSIP uses SIP technology for its communication.

Unlike many others, it uses a flexible pricing model to help small business owners choose only the features they want to use.

💡 Best known for:Lots of useful features to add as you wish.

💡 Outstanding feature:Extensive administration portal

💡 Prices:$49.95 per user per month $18.95 per user per month $0 to $49.95


CloudTalk is remotely enabled cloud call center software for sales and customer service teams to improve their customer experiences.

Like Aircall, it integrates seamlessly with many CRMs and helpdesks organize contacts and communications with your customers on a single platform.

It's also the easiest to use with drag-and-drop workflow features, automated builders, and smart auto-bookmarks that make it easy to set up and use.

💡 Best known for:Real-time customer card with all the information of the caller, such as the history of interactions, orders, chats or customer notes

💡 Outstanding feature:Automated Call Distribution (ACD)

💡 Prices:Starter Plan: $25/user/month Basic: $25/user/month Expert: $50/user/month Custom: Contact CloudTalk for a custom offer

So which Aircall alternative is right for you?

While no tool is a one-size-fits-all solution, each phone system software prioritizes certain features over others.

As you've seen, there are other notable features that can make Aircall great, just as there are others that make it a poor choice.

For example, if your focus is to have an affordable customer support tool for call-based lead generation, Aircall might not be the perfect software for you. Instead, consider a tool likeNovocallto support your business.

However, if you are looking for an all-in-one phone system, you should consider tools likeRingCentralo8×8.

The good news is that most of these phone systems offer a free trial before you commit, so use it to test their services!

Top 8 Aircall Alternatives - A Detailed Review and Comparison (9)

benard kiplangat

Ben is a content writer at Novocall.


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